For many a bicycle was our first taste of freedom, as well as being the closest most of us will get to flying. Those initial sketchy runs without training wheels were at once horrifying and exhilarating, as must have been the first launches in the original flying machines.

Most of us at Skull Skates got our early exposure to two-wheeled mayhem in either the 60's or 70's banana seat bike or 70's, 80's BMX eras. The Skull Skates bike museum is by no means a complete history of the bicycle, but rather a taste of the particular style of bikes that have stoked us personally.

Skull Skates and PD's Hot Shop have been involved in designing & producing bicycles off and on during our history. The idea of this online bike museum is to pay homage to some of the brands, styles, and models that have influenced and inspired us over the years.